One of Scotland most famous films, capturing the essence of Scotland through the legendary William Wallace. If you find yourself falling in love with every scene of strength, passion, love and heart ache, you will want to visit the famous sites of which this movie was filmed.

Starting in the Glen Nevis area, you will see Britain’s tallest mountain in the background, Ben Nevis. These views are unchanged since the time of William Wallace, and form the background to the scenes of when he was a child in the film. Roughly 1 mile down the road you will discover a foot bridge, leading to the Steall Falls and the Nevis Gorge.

Next we will travel a short distance to GlenCoe, one of the most famous area’s in Scotland for its stunning scenery and mountain range. Here is where William Wallace fell in love with Murron, and scenes before the English fort is burnt to the ground by William and his followers, was also filmed here. GlenCloe itself is famous in its own rights, and from here you will see snow-capped mountain tops, and begin to feel the remoteness and true wilderness of the Highlands, as you travel down the only road through these lands. There is GlenCoe visitor centre, which provides a much needed and deserved lunch break. After lunch we take a very short 10 minute drive to Lochleven that show cases more of the scenes from the film, and really brings together the feel of Scotland for its vast open space and dramatic scenery changes.

If you enjoy the wilderness, outdoors and feeling of remoteness whilst you step back in time, then this tour or one similar, is just for you!

But remember to bring your good walking boots!

Included in the tour package:

  • Pick up/Drop off from your chosen location

  • Travel in a stylish and comfortable 4x4, our vehicle is for your use during your tour and will not be shared with anyone else. Our vehicle can fit up to 6 people comfortably, however if travelling with luggage we recommend a maximum of 4 people

  • Admission and accommodation fee’s

  • Personal tour guide, (where possible)