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If you are thinking of visiting Scotland, I’m sure you will already have an idea on a few things we are famous for. Bagpipes, Kilts, Castles, Lochs……. And our Whisky!

On this 2 day tour, you will be able to experience a range of different whiskys, some older than others, and gain a wealth of knowledge from your tour guide whilst you sip. Our first day will start off at Glenlivet Distillery, which produces Single Malt Whisky, and has been licensed since the 1800’s. Next we move on to Glenfiddich, even those who are not a fan of the taste will have heard this name! One man and his family built the distillery from hand and opened its doors in 1887, since then their whisky has gone on to win the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky. Our final stop of the day will be at Cardhu Distillery, founded by a whisky smuggler! The distillery to date holds an important part in the Johnnie Walker blended whisky’ and is set in the heart of Speyside with beautiful scenery surrounding it. The perfect end to the day.

Day 2 will see us heading off to Glen Grant Distillery first of all. Glen Grant has some of the world’s best whisky, so don’t be shy and make sure to ask lots of questions and sample plenty! At the heart of Elgin and closest to the water, you will taste a unique difference at Glen Moray, ur 2nd stop of the day, with its spicy characteristics. Our final stop of Day 2, will be at Benromach Distillery, where handcrafted whisky comes into its element. This family run distillery has incredibly rare and beautiful whisky’s, and you will be able to taste first-hand the dedication and passion, and the smokiness, that goes in to each drop.

With all this talk of whisky, you will no doubt through out the 2 days be looking for some fine food to accompany the drinks, which can be found at the distillery’s themselves through out both days.

Included in the tour package: 

  • Pick up/Drop off from your chosen location

  • Travel in a stylish and comfortable 4x4, our vehicle is for your use during your tour and will not be shared with anyone else. Our vehicle can fit up to 6 people comfortably, however if travelling with luggage we recommend a maximum of 4 people

  • Admission and accommodation fee’s

  • Personal tour guide, (where possible)