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On this tour it is all about Aberdeenshire and the many castles this region has to offer. There is over 260 castles here, ranging from stately homes to castle ruins. Our first castle of the day will be Dunnottar Castle, which itself is a ruin but packs a punch when it comes to its location and enriched history. To get to the castle, there is a steep descend followed by a climb up to the main entrance, so please bare this in mind if choosing to visit. Dunnottar over looks the North Sea and has some spectacular views, so make sure to bring a camera! From here we will head over Drum Castle, Garden and Estate, just a short 19 miles down the road. Drum Castle sits on over 400 acres of land, and gives you a real feel for how castles have been influenced by those that lived in them. There are a number of sections to this castle, some more complex than others and yet through ingenious design have managed to piece all the additional work to the original 70ft tower. Expect to find something new around every corner, turn and stair case. Our final stop of the day is to Craigievar Castle, the castle where fairy tales are made. They say that the inspiration for many of the “fairy tale” castles we see in books and films a like, have stemmed from here. The pinkish colour to the structure has had imaginations running wild for many years, and still does, to all those that visit. This castle is guided by some fabulous National Trust for Scotland guides who don’t miss out any details, even on the ghost stories!

Included in the tour package:

  • Pick up/Drop off from your chosen location

  • Travel in a stylish and comfortable 4x4, our vehicle is for your use during your tour and will not be shared with anyone else. Our vehicle can fit up to 6 people comfortably, however if travelling with luggage we recommend a maximum of 4 people

  • Admission and accommodation fee’s

  • Personal tour guide, (where possible)